The Team

The Team


Dr David Smyth

David’s research has focused on stock enhancement strategies for a variety of shellfish species. His particular field of interest is the restoration of the Native oyster Ostrea edulis from both a self –sustaining fishery perspective and as an environmental enrichment tool. He has also worked on bivalve population dynamics, spat settlement augmentation, detrimental impacts of illicit harvesting and fishery management.


Dr Julie Webb

Julie is a Post-doctoral research officer at Bangor University’s Centre for Applied Marine Sciences (CAMS). Her background is in applied marine biology. Julie’s research interests focus on integrating aquaculture innovation with environmental sustainability. Key areas include offshore aquaculture of mussels and seaweed, co-location and turning waste into a resource through integration of mariponics in Recirculating Aquaculture systems.


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The Shellfish Centre RD&I operation is part-funded by the EU’s West Wales and the Valleys European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Operational Programme through the Welsh Government.

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