NAEMO - North Atlantic & European Mussel Organization

Over the last decade, blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) beds in Europe and North America have been reported to be in regression, yet the causes and consequences of this decline are not fully understood. Currently the mussel industry is dependent on collection of wild spat and so the careful management of wild blue mussel beds is essential if the mussel aquaculture industry is to continue to sustainably feed a growing global population. 

The recent European Scientific Advice Mechanism report on Food from Oceans (Scientific Opinion No. 3/2017)  and Science Advice for Policy from European Academies (SAPEA Food from the Oceans Evidence Review No. 1, 2017) both identify that the greatest potential for increasing seafood production lies in filter feeding shellfish, which have the potential to double current tonnage. The NAEMO network aims to develop the knowledge foundation for sustainably managed expansion of shellfish aquaculture production whilst ensuring the growth and health of the wild blue mussel population in the Network areas.

The NAEMO network aims to develop collaborative monitoring programmes to address these challenges and increase our understanding of the dependencies and interactions between wild and farmed mussels.  Objectives to be addressed by the network are: 

  1. Development of a joint knowledge platform for existing information about mussel status, population trends and related ongoing research.
  2. Identification of knowledge gaps related to management of blue mussels and development of these areas collaboratively
  3. Undertaking relevant research to develop a broadscale understanding both temporally and spatially of changes in blue mussel populations (see WGs)

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